Sunday, November 21, 2004

IEEE Forms Study Group for Enhancing PoE 802.3af standard

The IEEE has formed a new 802.3 Study Group to discuss the enhancement of the IEEE PoE 802.3af standard. The purpose of the enhanced PoE standard, dubbed "PoEplus," would be to deliver higher power levels to devices that require more than the 13 Watts currently specified in the 802.3af standard, ratified in June 2003. All new modifications would need to be compatible with the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard and backwards compatible with existing IEEE 802.3af PoE equipment.

The ratification of the 802.3af standard has accelerated the deployment of numerous network devices, such as WLAN access points, IP phones and network security cameras.

PowerDsine said it is seeing an increase in the types of Ethernet end-devices that could benefit from safe and reliable PoE powering, but many emerging devices require more power.

Twenty-two companies participated and voted for the creation of the Study Group. http://www.powerdsine.com

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