Monday, November 22, 2004

Global Crossing and India's Sify Link MPLS Services

Global Crossing and Sify, a leading Internet, networks and eCommerce services company in India, have agreed to interconnect their MPLS-based IP networks using Global Crossing's iMPLS interprovider connection service. Customers of either provider will be able to seamlessly scale and provision converged IP and data services including VoIP, IP Video, and Internet access across IP VPN connections to any endpoint in the networks' combined footprint.

The deal provides Global Crossing IP VPN customers with access to 63 major commercial centers in India, while Sify gained worldwide service reach to more than 50 countries and 500 major cities.

Global Crossing's iMPLS service enables seamless, reliable, scalable MPLS-based IP VPN service expansion by carriers and service providers, across Global Crossing's worldwide network. The interprovider interconnection preserves QoS, traffic prioritization and endpoint visibility, permitting end-to-end SLAs and enabling applications such as VoIP and IP Video to work reliably across the connected networks.


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