Monday, November 8, 2004

FCC to Improve Data Collection on Broadband Rollout

The FCC voted to collect additional data about the nationwide availability of broadband and local telephone competition. All facilities-based carriers will now be required to report, regardless of their size. Broadband providers will be required to provide more detailed information on the speed and nature of their service. The rules also establish broadband-over-power line as a separate category in order to track deployment more closely. To better assess broadband availability, incumbent telephone and cable companies will be asked to report the extent to which their DSL and cable modem service is available where they provide phone or cable television service.
The Commission will require local telephone companies, known as local exchange carriers or LECs, to report how many of their local service customers also subscribe to the LEC's long distance service. The data will help the Commission understand how bundling affects local telephone service competition.