Wednesday, November 3, 2004

BT Deploys Novell eDirectory for Identity Management

BT Exact is working with Novell on a directory-based program to integrate identity information among its various lines of business. The companies said the creation of a core repository of digital identities would allow BT to maximize existing IT investments and ensure employees had access to the most up-to-date information. When completed, the initiative will involve more than 100,000 users globally, including employees, agencies and partners.

The Directory Enablement Program, based on Novell's eDirectory, has four main objectives:

  • Identity Management to establish the core meta-directory service and infrastructure that will ensure accurate and timely information is available from the "One BT" identity repository.

  • Asset Management will utilize information from the meta-directory, allowing BT to manage the ownership of its assets, whether they are physical assets such as computers, mobile phones and company vehicles, or business-critical digital assets such as business intelligence and
    intellectual property.

  • Role-based Provisioning to create, change and manage digital identities across different applications. This means that when employees join the company, change responsibilities, relocate or leave the company, their access rights can be changed once and updated across all of their applications across the network.

  • Third Party Management will extend these functions outside the company to include customers, suppliers, partners and contractors enabling them to become more involved in BT's business.


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