Sunday, November 28, 2004

Azimuth Introduces Voice over WLAN Test

Azimuth Systems announced a new benchmark test suite specifically designed for testing VoIP in the Wi-Fi environment. The new test suite focuses on two key VoWLAN system components. The first component, the VoWi-Fi Benchmark Test for Wireless VoIP Handset, validates the 802.11 behavior of the client handset during motion - ranging and roaming - and analyzes this behavior relative to the voice quality as measured by both MOS and R-Factor. The tests can be run with and without background data traffic. The second component, VoWLAN Benchmark Test for Wi-Fi Infrastructure, focuses on test of the wireless access points. Using the Azimuth testMAC, the system emulates multiple voice calls in conjunction with best effort traffic, and studies the ability of the wireless LAN backbone to deliver quality of service and protect the voice call integrity.

"VoIP and Wi-Fi are the mix of two enabling technologies that represent only the tip of the iceberg. If successful, the need for application validation in wireless environments will grow considerably," said Fanny Mlinarsky, Azimuth's founder and CTO. "Mixed Wi-Fi and cellular networks, along with multimedia distribution, are the next emerging applications. It is critical for the industry to know that the technology exists to precisely validate mobility versus the Quality of Service in these media rich applications."

The Wi-Fi Alliance recently released its QoS certification WMM, which is based on the 802.11e standard that enables interoperability of devices in the Wi-Fi network to deliver the QoS critical to VoIP.

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