Monday, November 29, 2004

AirTight Networks Launches Wi-Fi Firewall

AirTight Networks, a start-up based in Mountain View, California, announced the availability of a Wi-Fi firewall designed to automatically protect enterprise networks from wireless security threats.
The SpectraGuard 2.0 product detects and protects against Wi-Fi security threats, including rogue access points (APs), misconfigured APs, client mis-association (clients connecting to a neighbor's Wi-Fi network), and ad-hoc networks (clients connecting to other clients on the network to create an unsecured Wi-Fi bridge). The product detects all RF activity within sensor range, then accurately and automatically classifies all Wi-Fi devices and events as either authorized, external or rogue. The system provides location tracking of all Wi-Fi devices and events, enabling an administrator to pinpoint a rogue device or security event within a few meters and display it on a live RF map of the building or campus. An intrusion prevention system instantaneously blocks rogue and misconfigured access points and automatically terminates insecure or unauthorized client connections. Unlike competing products that "flood the air" to deny access (bogging down internal WLAN performance and often shutting down neighbors' Wi-Fi devices), the company said its SpectraGuard 2.0 utilizes the minimum amount of bandwidth and RF energy possible to "surgically" block rogue devices and other unauthorized activity. Pricing starts at $7,500 for Policy Management Server software and two sensors.

AirTight recently changed its name from Wibhu Technologies, and announced that it received $10.25 million in venture funding to support its sales and marketing efforts.

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