Thursday, October 28, 2004

Rio Rancho (N.M.) Plans City-wide Wi-Fi Network

Rio Rancho, New Mexico, is planning to deploy a city-wide Wi-Fi network spanning some 103 square miles. Under the 25-year license agreement, the city will grant rights-of-way to Azulstar to install and operate Wi-Fi equipment that will provide a blanket of "cellular Wi-Fi" coverage. The high performance network, which is being funded by private investors, will use hundreds of small Wi-Fi repeater radios attached to buildings, utility poles and city infrastructure.

Azulstar will offer Internet access starting at $19.95/month for unlimited 256kbps service; mobile connections up to 1Mbps and daily passes will also be offered. Proxim Corp. will deliver a pre-WiMAX wireless backbone solution, Meru Networks will provide the access points, and LogiSense will supply operational support systems, such as billing. http://www.azulstar.comAzulstar Networks is a division of Ottawa Wireless.


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