Monday, October 18, 2004 Announces Enhancements to ShoutIP announced new features for its ShoutIP platform for IP telephony, including network address translation (NAT) traversal capabilities. ShoutIP modifies VoIP signaling (SIP and H.323) to ensure a call passes through the NAT correctly. ShoutIP also now includes SIP registration for enhanced session border control between SIP-enabled telephones and an enterprise IP PBX, or carrier IP Centrex server. This enables SIP phones in a private network to work with an external proxy in the public network. With SIP registration, ShoutIP enables "round-trip" functionality as it generates and sends registration and invitation requests to the external registrar, or proxy, and authenticates invitations on the return side. This enhancement also reduces the number of registration entries the network operator is required to make when provisioning VoIP services.

The latest release of ShoutIP also offers features specific to government customers and other enterprises requiring secure voice over IP capabilities. These features include a synchronous serial interface that extends connectivity options into other devices, including modems with serial interfaces and radios. ShoutIP also offers basic rate interface (BRI) connectivity to INMARSAT satellite communications gear. Additionally, this release of ShoutIP also supports SS7 signaling for carriers.


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