Sunday, October 10, 2004

mPhase Announces its 3rd Generation IPTV

mPhase Technologies announced the third generation release of its mPhase TV+ System for copper or fiber access networks. The new release of the mPhase TV+ System is built around a cluster architecture and features an improved maintenance environment, with links to industry-standard operations support systems (OSSs). mPhase is now providing compatibility with industry-standard services creation environments and a "failover capability" that transfers traffic without interruption from a failing system to a back-up.

  • In September 2004, mPhase and Lucent Technologies announced an extension to an agreement to collaborate on enhancements to its mPhase TV+ System. Bell Labs is designing software and hardware, including an enhanced IP set top box, for the mPhase TV+ System.

  • The current version of the TV+ System for DSL networks delivers 255 channels of broadcast television and broadband data and enables subscribers to surf channels though an electronic programming guide. The system supports more than 1000 subscribers from a single Lucent Stinger DSL Access Concentrator chassis. Further enhancements are expected in the near term as the companies continue their development efforts. The companies are currently working on the third release of the mPhase TV+ System. mPhase and Lucent have been collaborating for over a year.


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