Monday, October 11, 2004

Cablevision Boosts Downstream Cable Modem Speed by 40% to 5 Mbps

Cablevision has boosted the downstream rate of its Optimum Online cable modem service to 5 Mbps, a 40% performance increase from two years ago, at no additional cost. The maximum possible downstream speed through the service is being maintained at 10 Mbps. Cablevision said its service is now more than triple the speed of its DSL competitor.

  • The Cablevision Optimum Online customer base has nearly doubled over the past two years, from 610,000 in June, 2002 to nearly 1.2 million on June 30, 2004. Average customer penetration of homes-passed across Cablevision's service area is nearly 27%, with penetration rates exceeding 50% in mature markets including areas of Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey and Westchester. Across Cablevision's service area, 75% of all broadband customers choose Optimum Online.


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