Sunday, October 17, 2004

Brooktrout Announces Video Support on its SnowShore Media Server

Brooktrout Technology has added support for the H.263 video compression standard to its SnowShore Media Server. TMN, Portugal's largest mobile operator, has recently deployed the SnowShore Media Server as part of their new 3G Videomail service with Openwave. The system allows TMN's 3G subscribers to view and purchase video content as well as send, receive, store and manage voice and video messages.

In addition to support for H.263 video compression, the new release of the SnowShore Media Server offers an optional PCI hardware acceleration card that supports up to 200 sessions of G.726 compression/decompression. The media server also adds new system management features including SNMP v3 support, and improved reporting and enhanced system logging.


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