Wednesday, October 27, 2004

AMD Aims Low-cost Personal Internet Communicator at Developing Markets

AMD launched an initiative to enable 50% of the world's population with Internet connectivity and computing capabilities by 2015. A key element of the program is a new, low-cost Personal Internet Communicator (PIC) consumer device designed for emerging markets. The PIC would be branded, marketed and sold by local service providers such as telecommunications companies and government-sponsored communications programs. The deliver basic Internet functions such as e-mail, downloads and Web browsing, but uses a modified version of Windows designed to limit the installation of additional software.

AMD said microfinancing and bundled service packages could help consumers avoid large, up-front cash deployments at the point of sale. Suggested system price point is $185.00 with a keyboard, mouse, and preinstalled software; or $249.00 which also includes a monitor.

AMD has signed a number of strategic partners to help advance its "50x15" initiative.

India's TATA Group will market the PIC and offer it initially to consumers in five cities in India. CRC will work with local distributors in Mexico to offer the PIC along with a suite of educational software. Cable and Wireless is deploying the PIC in support of disaster relief efforts throughout the Caribbean.,,7832_12095,00.html


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