Sunday, September 19, 2004

Texas Instruments Offers Voice over Wireless LAN Platform

Texas Instruments introduced a new software + silicon solution for building wireless LAN IP phones. The solution incorporates TI's VoIP and WLAN software and silicon and is based on TI's power-efficient OMAP16xx architecture, which is widely used in cellular phones. TI said developers could create WLAN IP phones with talk and standby time comparable to cell phones. The WLAN phones would also enable users to receive emails and other data services.

The complete solution incorporates TI's TNETW1230 WLAN chipset with software support to meet existing and evolving standards, and TI's Telogy Software for VoIP, the industry's leading voice processing software supporting the transport of toll quality voice over WLAN networks. Additional TI technology used in the design includes the TLV320AIC22C dual channel codec, which integrates drivers for handset and headset on one chip and the TPS65010 power management product, a fully integrated battery management/power management IC. TI is further implementing standards-based and pre-standard security features in this platform to offer comprehensive and secure Voice over WLAN communications.


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