Thursday, June 26, 2003

Verizon Endorses Principles of Open Internet, No New Regulations

Verizon Communications endorsed the principle of the Open Internet. The company is encouraging the FCC to adopt national broadband policies that ensure consumers will continue to have unlimited or "boundless" access to the Internet, no matter what underlying wireline technology they are using, said Tom Tauke, senior vice president for Public Policy & External Affairs at Verizon. Speaking at the Net Neutrality Conference sponsored by the Progress and Freedom Foundation, Tauke warned against turning such principles into new regulations. Verizon believes the FCC should ensure that all new broadband services brought to the market are placed in a "regulatory-free zone." Tauke argued that a competitive market will ensure that all content providers will be able to reach any Internet-connected customer without interference from software, hardware or access providers, regardless of affiliation.

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