Sunday, June 29, 2003

Juniper Networks Expands Edge Routing Capabilities

Juniper Networks introduced several enhancements to its Service-Built Edge portfolio aimed at supporting new service models for carriers. The rollout includes:

  • the ERX-310 edge router featuring 3-slots and 10 Gbps backplane. The ERX-310 is the smallest edge router in Juniper's portfolio and positioned for deployment in smaller POPs supporting up to 16,000 subscribers. The ERX-310 is aimed at untapped markets, such as smaller DSL nodes and 802.11 hotspots

  • new Ethernet services PIC offered in 1-port and 2-port Gigabit Ethernet versions. It provides per-VLAN QoS and accounting. It complements Juniper's existing ATM services PIC. Both PICs could be deployed simultaneously in the same M-series router.

  • new BRAS enhancements for providing secure remote access for IPSec, IPv6 capabilities, and the ability to support 48,000 subscribers with full services. The secure remote access capabilities would enable carriers to terminate an IPSec client session at an E-series edge router for interconnection into a corporate VPN. Juniper is also adding support for Ethernet-connected DSLAMs.

  • new Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) support based on the Kompella draft. Juniper's VPLS Kompella delivers inter-metro Ethernet LAN services by leveraging BGP signaling. The solution supports autodiscovery and Inter-AS for large carrier-to-carrier partnerships

  • new J-Flow accounting capabilities for aligning billing with actual resource consumption. Juniper said its flow-based accounting is distinguished by being independent of the data path, thereby ensuring no performance hit for turning on the accounting capabilities.

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