Thursday, October 26, 2017

AWS continues 42% yoy growth pace

Amazon Web Services continues to grow at a 42% year-over-year pace.

In its Q3 2017 financial report, Amazon disclosed that AWS sales for Q3 2017 amounted to $4.584 billion.

During the quarter, AWS launched per-second billing in all regions for Linux-based EC2 instances, Elastic Graphical Processing Units (GPU), Elastic Block Store (EBS) Volumes, AWS Batch, and Elastic Map Reduce (EMR). Customers using these services will now be billed in one-second (versus one-hour) increments. AWS also introduced a free service that provides a single location for customers to track the status of migrations across their application portfolio. The company also revealed plans for a new infrastructure region in the Middle East in 2019. Currently, AWS provides 44 Availability Zones across 16 infrastructure regions worldwide, with another 14 Availability Zones across five AWS Regions in China, France, Hong Kong, Sweden, and a second GovCloud Region in the U.S. expected to come online by the end of 2018.


Amazon should go to the market and borrow billions and then build data center s around the world. Cloud computing will become a land grab. Wherever a company is the first to build a data cente r in a country they will grab the majority of cloud computing business in that country. This is because of data sovereignty laws where data has to be kept in the country. Amazon AW S to maintain its market share should have a massive world wide data centre expansion. The only way Amazon can do this is to go to the market and borrow the money by issuing 40 year bonds at %3.5 annual interest rate.

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