Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Oracle Ups its SDN Game with Acquisition of Corente for WAN Virtualization

Oracle agreed to acquire Corente, a start-up developing software-defined WAN virtualization technology, for an undisclosed sum.  Oracle already offers a LAN virtualization platform, so the deal extends its SDN portfolio for cloud services covering both the enterprise data center LAN and the WAN.

Corente, which is based in Bernardsville, New Jersey, offers a virtualization platform that accelerates the deployment of distributed and cloud-based applications services.  Key components of the offering include:

  • Corente Cloud Services Exchange:  A cloud-based service delivery platform that establishes trusted network services between public or private cloud data centers and any location over any IP network
  • Corente Services Gateway: An integrated virtual appliance that provides secure endpoints for private networks that are connected over global IP networks with zero-touch installation and service activation
  • Corente Services Portal: Secure, role-based access to service life cycle management tools for both service operators and service subscribers.

These Corente components are designed for defining, provisioning, activating, operating, and dynamically changing business services delivery requirements for enterprise ecosystems.

Corente said it already has deployments at leading enterprises and cloud service providers.

Oracle said the Corente acquisition will enable it to deliver software-defined networking offerings that create cost-effective, secure networks, spanning global deployments. Oracle’s current Virtual Networking offering virtualizes the LAN enabling customers to dynamically connect any server to any network and any storage through software.


  • Corente is headed by Jim Zucco, Chairman & CEO, who previously headed Shiva leading to its acquisition by Intel.  He later served as Executive-in-Residence at Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers.

In 2013, Oracle acquired
Tekelec, which supplies network signaling, policy control, and subscriber data management solutions for telecom operators.  Financial terms were not disclosed.

Tekelec’s main solutions include its Diameter and SS7 Network Signaling platform, its Policy Control platform and its Subscriber Data Management system, which tracks dynamic subscriber data. The Diameter and SS7 Network Signalling offers integrated applications such as Local Number Portability, Equipment Identity Register, 3G to Voice over LTE Migration, load balancing, congestion control, and protocol mediation.

Also in 2013, Oracle acquired Acme Packet, a leading supplier of session border controllers, for $29.25 per share in cash, representing an enterprise value of $1.7 billion net of cash.

Acme Packet supplies session delivery solutions to both carriers and enterprises. Oracle said it would make Acme Packet a core offering in its Oracle Communications portfolio to enable customers to more rapidly innovate while simplifying their IT and netw


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